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The Magmadive experience

Start your scuba diving vacation with Magmadive. Diving in Iceland is an experience you will never forget. We serve hot organic food and beverages on all our diving trips – what’s more, we drive you around Iceland in 4×4 vehicles. Magmadive is Iceland’s premier dive service ready to guide you safely through the elements.

The North Atlantic seafloor, one of the most undiscovered parts of the world. Right in the centre is the Mid Ocean Ridge, a giant crack in the seafloor caused by the constant separation of the Earth’s plate crustal plates, it runs around the seams of the Earth like the seam on a baseball and oozes the Earth’s blood – red hot volcanic lava. The plates move incredibly slowly, but there is a place on earth where there separation can be seen. Iceland, the boundary of creation – the very spot where the earth is spreading open about inch every year.

Visit iceland – a place like no other with exceptional landscapes and geological phenomena. The huge natural forces at work here need a little introduction and have left the land strewn with fissures powerful Volcanoes, Geysirs and lava flows, old and new – that make Iceland an unforgettable dive destination. The underwater scenery of iceland is a thrilling mix of volcanic dive sites created by the Mid Atlantic Ridge – all of which you can explore on our dive trips and diving expeditions. From the crystal clear waters of the Silfra Ravine, to the superheated vents of Strytan – Dry Suit Diving in Iceland will take your breath away.

Meet the team

David Ramsay

Head of Diving

Heat, life and atmosphere – It’s amazing what David can do for people when he’s not diving

Selma Karlsdottir

General Manager

Take a glacier, 150 crew, 1.5 tons of equipment and 8 hours to shoot – that’s an average day in Selma’s world

Kevin Martin


There are not many people that look for buried treasure in their spare time – Kevin is one of them

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  • What's really nice about the Magmadive experience is the level of personal attention. You're not one of the hoardes arriving in a minibus to be churned through the dive
    Alex_Woz - Trip Advisor
  • Magmadive is one of the most professional dive operations I've ever dived with. Their gear is top notch, their attention to detail extraordinary and their hospitality exemplary - all at highly competetive prices. I cannot recommend them enough
    Skyly - Trip Advisor
  • This dive was one of the most unique experiences of my life. I have been diving for 12 years over 250 logged dives and I can safely say the combination of professionalism, enthusiasm and excitement provided by magma dive more than fulfilled my expectations.
    Jack F - Trip Advisor
  • David was recommended to my partner and I and he made sure our experience exceeded our expecations. His service was faultless. Magmadive's biggest attraction was that we would have a 1 to 1 guide and we were made to feel important.
    ittlesams - Trip Advisor
  • Excellent dive operation. David is a great guy, very friendly and experienced. He runs a really personalised trip, with excellent soup and snacks!
    Lee A - Trip Advisor
  • The first thing that strikes you about Magmadive is the ride that picks you up from your hotel. When you spot the glossy black Lincoln 4x4 with an interior fit for a president and an engine the size of a small continent you know this is no ordinary dive company.
    Lifttheoffer - Trip Advisor
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