Silfra Snorkeling Day Trip

Silfra Snorkeling in World's Clearest Waters

Silfra Snorkeling Day Trip

Silfra Snorkeling in World's Clearest Waters

Silfra Snorkeling in Thingvellir

norkeler floating with Silfra algae

Snorkeling Silfra with bright green alage.

This iconic day trip takes you to the beautiful Thingvellir National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site. At the site you can float between the tectonic plates of planet earth in wonderfully fresh, crystal clear water. And lying just below the surface of this amazing water, you will see the geological architecture of a submerged tectonic fissure, known as Silfra.

Before snorkeling begins, your guide will talk about the water’s incredible journey from the Langjokull glacier to the Great Lake Thingvellir. A journey that takes over a decade to complete. Believe it or not. This magnificent water begins its life as frozen snow, turning to ice water and travelling 60km underground through volcanic lava rock. The rock cleans and filters the water – making it some of the freshest, purest and clearest water in the world. Because of its purity, you can drink it and is something you should definitely try on the snorkel.

Throughout the Snorkelling tour, you will float over four sections starting at the Big Crack, the narrowest part, where the continents almost meet together so closely you can touch them together using both hands. Next is the Hall, where the rift becomes much wider and the visibility increases to well over 100m. Moving onto the Cathedral, a beautiful deep blue area with sheer rock walls and two enormous boulders wedged at the bottom. And finally the Lagoon, a shallow silt covered pond where the tour ends. Afterwards you will walk back to the car park, de-kit and make time for a hot drink and something sweet and delicious to eat.

Silfra water temperature hovers between 2-3 degrees c. So to keep you warm whilst snorkelling and provide fantastic thermal protection, we give you a drysuit, hood and gloves. You’ll also get some fins, a mask and snorkel, that let’s you move around, see and breath as you float on top of the water. If you have never snorkelled before, don’t worry, its easy and fun. There’s a gentle glacial current that takes you along without any effort. Time in the water is around 30 minutes, which let’s you enjoy the experience without getting too cold.

Snorkeler with fins in Silfra water

The Silfra Snorkeling day trip is available all year round with the classic Silfra Diving Day Trip and the 3-Day Tectonic Dive Expedition.

Distance to Dive Site: 44km from Reykjavik

Trip duration: 3-5 hours

Place of Departure: Reykjavik City Centre

Start Times: Between 9-11am & 1-3pm (exact times TBC)

Price: 18,900 ISK per person

Price includes:

  • Snorkel entrance fee into Thingvellir National Park
  • 1 guided snorkel
  • All snorkel equipment inc. Drysuit, Undergarment, Hood, Gloves, Mask, Fins,
  • Hot chocolate & cookies
  • Expert Guide

Difficulty Level: Moderate

(A basic introduction and orientation to dry suit snorkeling will be given by one of Magmadive expert staff)

Trip Itinerary

1.) Drive 44km to the Thingvellir Valley National Park 2.) Enjoy Snorkeling at Silfra Fissure 3.) Relax in National Park 4.) Drive back to Reykjavik

Please note: All of our itineraries are at the mercy of the Icelandic weather and not all snorkel trips are guaranteed. We will always endeavour to make an alternate plan.


Bring with you

  • Thermal underwear (base layer)
  • Thick warm socks
  • Appropriate outdoor clothing
  • Towel for afterwards
  • Underwater camera

Participant requirements

  • Be able to swim
  • Be physically fit
  • This tour requires all participants to be very comfortable in the water and to be confident swimming unassisted against a current
  • Meet requirements on Medical Form , when needed fill out Physician Form
  • Be comfortable wearing a tight drysuit which feels restrictive on the neck
  • Minimum age of 12 years old or older


Optional Golden Circle Tour

After diving at Silfra why not continue onto the classic Golden Circle. This classic collection of the island’s most famous natural spots  – Thingvellir, Geysir and Gullfoss are a must-see for anyone. Contact us for more details.


What is the best time to snorkel Silfra

Depending on road conditions to the Thingvellir National Park, Silfra is available to dive all year round, regardless of the weather. Typically, the summertime is always the best time to take advantage of dazzling light displays and more pleasant outside changing conditions. Wintertime can present a much tougher experience on the body, but with even better underwater visibility, and a better chance to encounter more marine life. Whatever time you decide to visit Iceland, choose sensible clothing and adequate thermal protection.

Is there any marine life at Silfra?

Each spring, bright green algae finds life on volcanic lava rock, dancing in the gentle current, close to the silent groundwater springs entering Silfra. This elegant plant then blooms in the summer months before beginning its inevitable decline towards the winter. Throughout the year, small Arctic char live amongst the darkness, between the cracks and under the crevices at Silfra. They can often be seen hiding but are quickly scared away. On rare occasions, magnificent giant Trout from lake Thingvallavatn swim upstream into Silfra in search for food. Over the many years, both species have evolved to survive together in extremely cold water (2-3℃), and play an equally important part for preserving the natural balance in the circle of life within Silfra.

How do I get to Silfra with my own transport?

Getting to Silfra by car takes about 45 minutes drive from Reykjavik. The road will take you north east through Mosfellsbaer before heading along the Thingvallavegur mountain pass and finally into the Thingvellir National Park. Once at the Silfra site, there is a signposted car park where everyone meets. For directions, please contact us for a detailed map, or simply type the words “Silfra” into a GPS navigation system, or by using Google maps on your smartphone.