Dive site in Lake Thingvellir

Davíðsgjá is monstrous eruption fissure located on the north eastern shores of Iceland’s greatest lake. The site lies close to the Eurasian tectonic plate, about 7km on the other side of the continental rift zone.

Access is granted by either walking over small rocks from the shoreline, or by doing a giant stride off the lava rocks. The fissure branches off into two areas with various levels of contrasting visibility; a dark narrow gorge to the left side, and a wide open gorge to the right side. The best plan is to explore one side, then the other, which leaves the clearest water to the end.

The underwater topography is quite breathtaking; It’s hard to comprehend the incredible size, monstrous scale and origins of the huge round boulders and square slabs that lie stacked up on top of each other. This is amplified by the astounding visibility of the water that makes everything so wonderfully clear. Distances of over 100m are the norm on any given day. A shy freshwater fish, dwarf char fish hide in the lava. Sometimes, giant trout from deep within the lake enter the shallows to explore.

The best times to dive are during the summer months when the winds are low. And after spring when the winter ice melts from the lake. Expect some seriously cold clear water with a short hike to reach the clearest of all. Diving along surrounded by solid volcanic rocks on both sides, there’s a sense of awe, of geological grandeur; as if you were peacefully exploring a new city for the first time. Few dive sites in Iceland have such impressive natural architecture, not to mention the space and freedom from which to explore it.



  • Iceland’s greatest lake dive
  • Great visibility
  • Impressive natural architecture