Grimsey Island

Ocean Diving On The Arctic Circle

If you like cold water diving in secluded and remote places, Grimsey Island is as-far-north-as you can possibly go.

Guillemots diving in Grimsey Island
Diving Guillemots Birds

Lying 25 nautical miles from land, this ‘little-rock’ makes for a special overnight jaunt, being the only place in Iceland that touches the Arctic Circle.

Home to a 150 brave souls – and 1 million sea birds, life on Grimsey is all about fishing, drinking, having fun and survival. There’s a church, a few small stores and two guest houses. People are ‘tough as nails’ and carve a living from the sea, harvesting enough to see through the winter.

Bird watcher’s will love this place! it’s a haven! Famous for its thriving puffin population (Iceland’s largest colony), bio-diversity on the island is entirely winged. Other nesting species include Razorbills, Kittiwakes and Auks (or Guillemots), known for deep dives to 150 m on a single breath. For anyone that has never seen a bird swimming underwater, its a breath taking moment and one you will never forget!

The dives are fun – but don’t expect the Galapagos!

There’s a few local sites consisting of shallow coves, rocky bays and skerries that are ideal for colourful macro photography. The Guillemots are the main event, and will often greet divers close to the surface, so have a go-pro or a decent camera handy! Naturally, you are at the mercy of Icelandic sea conditions, be patient and be ready to roll!

The climate is generally mild throughout the year because of the north Atlantic current, bringing warm water from the gulf of Mexico. Because of its unique northerly latitude, June and July are awesome months to visit. Grimsey gives you the Perfect opportunity to experience Iceland’s midnight sun, and watch in awe – as the setting sun hardly touches the horizon.

Heads-up land lubbers! For seasick divers, there’s an airport. For all other routes, a 3hr ferry will take you back to dry land. Pack binoculars, creature comforts and lots of memory cards.

Join us for diving on Grimsey on the 10-DAY ICELAND DIVE EXPEDITION, an epic circular road trip around the island.


  • Secluded and remote place
  • As-far-north-as you can possibly go
  • Home to 1 million sea birds