Tours in Iceland

Diving & Snorkeling Tours in Iceland

The best dive & snorkel experiences in Iceland

Start your scuba diving holiday with Magmadive. Diving in Iceland is an experience you will never forget. Its sites go beyond exceptional and into the realm of the unique. From rock formations that can be seen nowhere else, to water that’s clearer than any lake, sea or river on the planet.

Diving Day Tours in Iceland

Phenomenal dive sites that are out of this world

Experience the very best drysuit diving Iceland has to offer! From the world's clearest water at Silfra and Davidsgja to the ancient 11.000 year old hydrothermal vents of Strytan, these amazing day trips are all about going underwater and feeling truly alive! Our return diving excursions are perfect for small groups, couples and solo travellers staying in the capital area of Reykjavik.

Snorkeling Tours in Iceland

The perfect polar experience for the non diver

Drift like a duck's feather on the shoulders of a mighty stream! That's right! A few of our glacierfed dive sites like Silfra are ideal to experience the magic of the underwaterworld without even taking the plunge. All you need is a drysuit, mask, snorkel, fins and let the power of nature do the work! Our exciting range of return snorkel tours make it easy for non-divers to enjoy Iceland even more.

Dive Expeditions in Iceland

Ultimate iceland for the serious diver

Come join us on our many great dive expeditions. Explore the underworld of Iceland and swim with the fishes.