Diving Day Tours in Iceland

Top Dive trips that are out of this world

Phenomenal dive sites that are out of this world

Experience the very best drysuit diving Iceland has to offer! From the world’s clearest water at Silfra and Davidsgja to the ancient 11.000 year old hydrothermal vents of Strytan, these amazing day trips are all about going underwater and feeling truly alive! Our return diving excursions are perfect for small groups, couples and solo travellers staying in the capital area of Reykjavik.

The Clearest Water

Silfra with its +120m underwater visibility, makes this dive a fantastic opportunity for underwater photography. Pristine conditions in gin clear waters.

Davíðsgjá Diving Day Trip

Davíðsgjá a tectonic fissure the size of Grand Canyon and with one of the biggest Brown Trouts in the world, offers a unique opportunity to dive in Thingvellir.

Arctic Diving in North Iceland

Strytan, a towering stalagmite that rises from the depths of Eyjafjordur, a fjord south of the Arctic circle. This dive trip to North Iceland you can't miss.