Davíðsgjá Diving Day Trip

Great Lake Thingvallavatn Dive, Iceland

Davíðsgjá Diving Day Trip

Great Lake Thingvallavatn Dive, Iceland

1-day / 2 dives
39.990 ISK per person

Davíðsgjá diving spot at Great Lake Þingvellir has the clearest water in the world. Dive a tectonic lava fissure, like Silfra, but without the crowds.

Davíðsgjá fissure. Nothing compares to experience of diving in pure water, and there is no dive spot purer than Davíðsgjá, also known as ‘David’s Crack’. This magnificent freshwater fissure is one of the best places to appreciate Iceland’s glacial power, as tons of melted water flow over volcanic lava rocks from deep underground, replenishing its astounding clarity every minute. There aren’t many places where you can see over 100m, and feel the ice cold sensation of a glacier on your lips. If you like clear water, the Silfra Diving Day Trip has to be experienced next.

Davíðsgjá Diver Entry in Thingvellir.

Distance to Dive Site: 44km from Reykjavik

Trip duration: 5 hours without transport, 7 hours with transport

Place of Departure: Reykjavik City Centre, or meet us on location in Thingvellir

Season: May to October (the lake is frozen in the winter)

Price: 39,990 ISK per person

Price includes:

  • Pick up from your hotel in Reykjavik
  • Divers entrance fee into Thingvellir National Park
  • 2 guided tank dives
  • All scuba diving equipment inc. Drysuit, Undergarment, Hood, Gloves, Mask, Fins, BCD, Cold Water Regulator & Weights
  • Hot chocolate & cookies
  • Experienced Dive Guide (Dive Master or Instructor)


  • Underwater dive photos
  • Transportation from outside Reykjavik area

Difficulty Level: Moderate.

Dry suit diving experience is required. We ask to see proof of either dry suit certification or a minimum of 10 logged dry suit dives from within the last two years.

Trip Itinerary

1.) Drive 44km to the Thingvellir Valley National Park 2.) Enjoy Scuba Diving at Davíðsgjá Fissure 3.) Relax in National Park 4.) Drive back to Reykjavik

Please note: All of our itineraries are at the mercy of the Icelandic weather and not all dives are guaranteed. We will always endeavour make an alternate plan.

Bring with you

  • Dive certification card or proof of dry suit experience
  • Thermal underwear (base layer)
  • Thick warm socks
  • Appropriate outdoor clothing
  • Towel for afterwards
  • Underwater camera (optional)

Participant requirements

  • Minimum of 18 years old
  • Be physically fit to dive
  • Must be experienced dry suit diver

 Optional Golden Circle Tour

After diving at Davíðsgjá why not continue onto the classic Golden Circle. This classic collection of the island’s most famous natural spots  – Thingvellir, Geysir and Gullfoss are a must-see for anyone. Contact us for more details.



Is Davíðsgjá similar to Silfra and is it possible to dive both site?

Davíðsgjá is another glacial fed site so the water is indeed cold and clear. The site is situated not far away on the other side of the lake. This means that both spots can be dived on the same day.

Do I need to be drysuit certified to dive Davíðsgjá?

You need to have a Drysuit certificate or proof of 10 logged drysuit dives from within the last two years.

Are there any fish live at Davíðsgjá?

Beautiful dwarf char live in the cracks and crevice at Davíðsgjá. Sometimes giant trout enter the site and look for food. In the summer we regularly see Arctic Charr in the shallow part of the lake.